Portable Gas Detectors

Portable gas detectors are devices that are capable of estimating the concentration of one or more gases present in the atmosphere. They are stand-alone devices and should be light and easy to carry so that they can be worn by operators or held in one hand. Combined with a vibrator, an audible and visual warning, they respond immediately if the gas concentration level exceeds the alarm setpoint. They measure the risk of exposure and toxicity, as well as a lack or excessive amount of oxygen.

We have a comprehensive range of explosimeters, oxygen meters and portable gas detectors (CO, H₂S, O₂, NO₂, SO₂, NH₃, Cl₂, ClO₂, PH₃, HCN, Cl₂, ClO₂, O₃ and more). It can sometimes be tricky to find the right device for your specific needs.