BE ATEX, a specialist provider of solutions for gas risk management, has been sharing its expertise worldwide for more than 10 years.


We are experts in gas management solutions. Our business took root in Algeria before extending to cover France’s overseas territories and several African countries. To guarantee the highest quality of service and quick delivery times, we specialise in the handling and transport of dangerous goods (IATA, IMDG, ADR certifications).


As a result, we have become a leading player in the export of personal protective equipment such as gas detectors (fixed, portable, colorimetric) and Category 3 PPE such as respiratory protective equipment and fall protection equipment.

Export throughout the world

Specialist provider of solutions for gas risk management worldwide

Choose BE ATEX and rest assured: you have a solid partner!

  •  Our staff travel to 35 countries worldwide to help you define your projects and put them into practice.
  •  Thanks to our high stock levels, we are able to respond to your needs quickly.
  •  Our efficient documentary, administrative and logistics management means we can get our goods out to you quickly, and in full compliance with the regulations.
  •  To make sure we are as closely tuned to your needs as possible, we have selected a network of local partners.
  •  And we offer a host of additional services, including a technical hotline, technicians on hand to provide assistance, and the organisation of meetings and training sessions.
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Our network of partners

Being people-oriented and meeting our commitments are our top priorities. With this in mind, we have carefully selected partners that are both local distributors and approved maintenance centres, with emphasis on:
  •     Our local presence: someone available to answer your questions
  •     Our responsiveness: stocks available in record time
  •     Our expertise: locally-based technicians
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African network

As a distributor and approved maintenance centre endorsed by several big names including Honeywell, Oldham, Crowcon and Dräger, our staff benefit from regular training provided by manufacturers. These approvals mean we are able to offer you original spare parts for each of those brands and maintain the required skill level to guarantee your equipment is always at the top of its game!

Our local partners are an essential link, enabling you to work in the best possible safety conditions. Alongside them, we handle documentary and administrative matters as well as the procurement of gas detection equipment. Some items (calibration gas cylinders, pressurised equipment, self-rescuers, colorimetric tubes, etc.) are classified as dangerous goods, and are subject to specific shipment rules.

In addition to the logistics aspect, our partners are on hand to give you advice, supply and maintain your equipment as efficiently as you would expect!

Specialised in the shipment of Dangerous Goods worldwide

Worldwide delivery
Worldwide delivery

To make sure the service we provide is always of the highest standard, we have opted to provide our staff with training in the regulations in force, because international transportation of dangerous goods is subject to several types of regulations: IATA, IMDG, ADR.

This guarantees that your goods are transported in the best conditions, in compliance with the regulations in force, without the need for a freight forwarder! Because this is a heavily regulated area, our staff receive regular refresher training!

We made this decision because, as a supplier of solutions for gas risk management, it is our duty to ensure that our equipment can be transported by air, sea and road, at no risk for users, in France and throughout the world. Our staff handle all documentary, administrative and logistics aspects, leaving you free to focus entirely on your safety.

Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality turnkey solution, because:

    We are responsible for making sure that all your gas detection equipment and accessories (lithium batteries, calibration gas and so on) are shipped in accordance with the regulations, quickly and efficiently, without the need for a freight forwarder.
    We also handle all administrative formalities such as documentary inspections, customs clearance, certificates of origin, management of dual-use items, and so on.

Our philosophy is to provide you with safety solutions at your workplace with full peace of mind and zero risk for you, from the moment your goods are dispatched!

The equipment that has made us successful

BW Clip H₂S

Portable single gas detector

BW Clip H₂S

GasAlertMicroClip XL and X3

Portable multi-gas detector

GasAlertMicroClip XL and X3


Multi-gas area monitors

BM25 Multi-gas area monitors


Escape mask





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