Designed for your safety, portable fans are perfectly adapted to the most challenging situations in the following sectors: firefighting, military, oil tanker drivers, sanitation, telecommunications and more.

Fans for firefighters

When fighting fires in confined or semi-confined spaces (high-rise buildings, homes), firefighters need to set up mechanical fans to remove smoke.

Smoke is just as dangerous as flames, because it can cause the fire to spread very quickly (backdraft, flashover, etc.). It is therefore very important to control the amount of smoke by creating an outlet (or opening in the roof), and ambient air can be forced in (and the smoke forced out) by installing a smoke extractor fan. This is called Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV).

It is very important to remove smoke, because this provides firefighters with better visibility and a lower temperature in which to fight the fire, and reduces the risk of a thermal event.

Fans for confined spaces

Confined spaces are dangerous because they contain an atmosphere that is not easily renewed. Examples include wells and pits, pipes and sewers, chlorination and ozonation stations in water treatment plants, sludge treatment and storage facilities, cisterns, silos, crawl spaces, car parks, military vessels, and so on.

In areas that have limited openings and unhealthy natural ventilation that may contain or produce hazardous atmospheric contaminants, fans are vital. With a wide choice of fans ranging from 20 to 40cm, you can adapt the fan to suit your specific needs in terms of air flow and space.

ATEX-certified fans

Our range of fans is certified explosion-proof for the motor and the entire electrical circuit (connections, housing, wires, switches). They are delivered in sturdy, antistatic housing that is resistant to chemical substances. Two ranges are available:

  •     Certified electric fans with IP55 waterproof switch enclosures
  •     Intrinsically safe pneumatic fans