Breathing-air quality testing

Breathing-air quality testing is essential in industrial networks. An air network compressor may produce contaminants or be contaminated, so you need to check and test the quality of breathing air to ensure the safety of your staff.

When we use respiratory protective equipment (respirators, hoods, diving suits, etc.) supplied by a compressed air network, or in the context of recharging breathing air cylinders, the equipment used is subject to very stringent tests and must meet the requirements of the NF-EN 12021 standard.

The main requirements are:

  •     Oxygen: 21% (±1%)
  •     Impurities < within the national exposure limit
  •     Lubricants: 0.5mg/m³
  •     Odour and taste: None
  •     Carbon dioxide CO₂: 500ppm
  •     Carbon monoxide CO: 15ppm
  •     Water content (*): Dew point or < de 5°C at the lowest expected ambient temperature

* There should be no water in liquid form and no risk of ice forming. If the conditions of use are unknown, the dew point of the facility should not be higher than -11°C.