Gas guide

In this guide, you'll find all you need to know about the gases you encounter every day: their identification, chemical and physical properties, flammability limits and occupational exposure limits. You'll also find descriptions of the most common uses, as well as hazard and safety phrases.

To save you time, we've also included a selection of equipment to protect you or warn you of the presence of this gas!

> What is a gas?

Invisible and colourless, sometimes even odourless, a gas is extremely dangerous! Gases, combined with other elements such as heat or a confined space, present a number of risks that it is important to understand.

There are three categories of gas-related risks:

  •     risks of fire and/or explosion linked to flammable gases
  •     the risk of poisoning from toxic gases
  •     risks of suffocation or asphyxiation

Thanks to our solutions against gas risks, you can set up collective or individual protection with different types of equipment:

  •     fixed or portable gas detection
  •     fall protection or respiratory protection