Mobile communication systems

The ATEX standard comes from a European directive that lays down rules for working in ATmosphères EXplosives, or explosive atmospheres. It stipulates the measures to be taken by certain site managers to control the risk of explosion. If there is a proven risk, the use of specific, ATEX-certified equipment is mandatory.

In force along with the standard, these equipment items are specially designed to be used in high-risk, wave-sensitive areas and enable risk-free communication. Particularly lightweight and easy to use, the models selected provide users with instant access to professional applications, email accounts and any other type of information available on the web.

They are particularly useful for workers in industry who need to get access to information systems to perform routine tasks, consult technical documentation on a regular basis or order devices to be used in the field.

Run on Android devices, they provide a way of developing specific applications using off-the-shelf software already available to meet the full spectrum of operational needs.