G.R.E.G online traceability portal

GREG - Gas Equipment Management and Reporting - is our Computer Assisted Maintenance Management software.
We offer you to manage your Personal Protective Equipment related to gas risks such as gas detectors, respiratory protection and fall protection equipment from our online traceability portal: GREG.

GREG allows you to find, in one place: your inspection or calibration certificates, classified according to the category of equipment (Respiratory Protection, Fall Protection, Portable Gas Detection, Fixed Gas Detection) and the type of equipment (Self-Rescuer, Central, Harness, etc.).

GREG, the traceability
Home of the G.R.E.G. space

From GREG, you can:

  • View the status of your fleet at a glance
  • Download the life cycle and certificates of all your devices
  • Follow the dates of recent / upcoming interventions

To log in:
Request a login profile via the contact form below so that we can send you a login and password to connect to your secure space.

From this area, you will have access to:

  • A summary of the status of your equipment fleet classified by device model (number of valid or invalid devices)
  • Inspection or calibration certificates in PDF format
  • Intervention orders
  • The dates of interventions to be planned

Below the name of the device, you will find the date of the last visit, as well as the date of the next visit. In order to quickly visualize the progress of your next visit, you will find colored dots. The color code is as follows:

Red: the planned visit date has passed
Orange: the planned date of visit is to be planned
Green : the device is in conformity

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