Johann Heinrich Dräger was not satisfied with the existing beer tap systems (the beer flow was irregular and the equipment was often out of order). Trained as a watchmaker, he designed the first reliable pressure reducer for CO2 bottles "The Lubeca valve". He decided to manufacture it himself, and in 1889 the Dräger company was born.

"Everything we do, we do with passion and we do it for life. Stefan Dräger, Chairman of the Board

Technology for life at :

  • health care facilities
  • Fire and rescue services
  • Civilian and military authorities
  • Industrial sectors

Dräger expertise

Historically known for its scuba diving equipment, diving helmets and rebreathers, Dräger is now split into two divisions: Dräger Medical and Dräger Safety.

Dräger Safety produces personal protective equipment (helmets, breathing apparatus, Hazmat suits, etc.) and gas detection equipment for the fire department, chemical and oil industries.

The Dräger product lines

Gas detection
Dräger offers a range of detectors from portable detectors to fixed gas and flame detection systems. These detection systems protect operators, equipment and buildings from the risks of gas, flammable or toxic vapors.
From design to manufacture, Dräger manufactures its detectors right down to the sensors for total control.

Gas detection by colorimetry
Colorimetric test tubes with sampling pumps are the simplest detectors for the measurement of many different substances. Consisting of a glass tube with breakable ends, they are filled with impregnated granules specifically for the determination of different gases.
The principle of operation is as follows: ambient air is sucked in thanks to a pump and if the tube changes color, it means that the required gas is present. Each tube having a specific graduation, one can also determine the concentration of the gas according to the length of the coloured zone.
These are calibrated point measurement systems for a quick and economical determination of different instantaneous concentrations.

Respiratory protection
For protection against particles, gases or vapors, Drager offers risk-appropriate filtering respiratory protection with the X-plore® range: in half mask, full mask or powered ventilation system.
For maximum protection, Dräger offers a range of self-contained breathing apparatus from compressed air to self-contained breathing apparatus as well as a range of self-rescuers for air supply during evacuation.

Technology for life with products and services for :

  • prevention: e.g. screening and detection of alcohol and drugs, screening for jaundice, detection of toxic gases and vapors (e.g. CO2)
  • protection: e.g. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with insulation or filtering
  • preserving & supporting life: e.g. medical devices for respiratory assistance and patient monitoring in hospitals

A sustainable and dynamic presence, close to the regions

The products and services delivered in France are essentially developed, sourced, manufactured, assembled and packaged in Europe and in France.

Dräger was awarded the Choose France 2020 'Special COVID-19' prize for its industrial investment in France, and its mobilization during the health crisis. Indeed, their investment in France in a production site of high-tech respiratory protection masks (FFP2/FFP3) to meet the health and industrial needs of the French and international markets was highly appreciated.

Active member of the FRENCH FAB movement

Dräger recognizes the values of excellence, innovation and sustainability promoted by the FRENCH FAB, and is fully committed to this approach and to flying the flag for French know-how. 

Three months to convert indoor soccer fields and food processing facilities into a production plant for high-tech FFP2 and FFP3 respiratory protection masks. In Obernai (67), 15 production lines and over 100 jobs were created.

Dräger Breathalyzer: The Alcotest

The Dräger Alcotest® for professional use is equipped with an electrochemical sensor and a fuel cell. The Dräger Alcotest® allows the professional user to perform breath alcohol testing quickly and accurately. The technology of this compact and easy-to-use handheld instrument is well proven.

  • The breathalyzer is designed for professionals because of its superior resistance
  • Very short response time
  • Complies with international regulations
  • Equipped with an even stronger housing and a proven Dräger sensor, it analyzes the alcohol content in the breath.
  • Resistant to weather conditions such as cold or wet
Icone globe

BE ATEX & Dräger

As a Specialist in the face of gas risk, BE ATEX has developed skills beyond gas detection.

This is why in 2014, BE ATEX became a partner of Dräger in order to offer you the products necessary for your safety during interventions requiring gas detection.