For over 50 years, Honeywell Analytics has been working alongside businesses to offer gas detection solutions tailored to their needs. Many products from their range - fixed gas detectors and portable gas detectors - have become benchmark products in terms of performance, ease of use and innovation.

The expertise of Honeywell Analytics

The expertise of Honeywell Analytics covers the design to the manufacture of innovative solutions, for a broad range of applications and sectors such as the oil and gas industry, refineries and petrochemical plants, chemical plants, energy production (traditional and renewable), water treatment, the maritime industry, the armed forces and national security, and the paper industries.

This expertise is the fruit of the acquisition of well-known brands, such as:

  • BW Technologies by Honeywell, founded in 1987 in Calgary, Canada: a world leader in the gas detection sector with its dependable, high-end portable gas detectors,
  • RAE Systems, founded in 1991: a supplier of gas detection systems and smart radiation detectors that can detect substances in real time.

The ranges of Honeywell Analytics

Portable gas detectors

A comprehensive range of portable detectors, spanning from single-gas detectors to multi-gas detectors, from the smallest devices to the most advanced, fully configurable for your safety.

Fixed gas detectors

Explosion-proof transmitters, gas detection controllers and infrared transmitters to monitor gas levels on sites with the most sensitive environments, or several separate sites connected to a central location. These are equipped with detection technologies that range from electrochemical sensors to infrared technology (open path or fixed point): a centralised solution for safety managers.

Flame and fire detectors

These detectors reduce the risks for staff and industrial sites during the storage, use and manufacture of flammable substances. They can be used as part of a fire safety and monitoring system.

Colorimetric detectors

Colorimetric detectors use Chemcassette® tape technology: a calibration-free toxic gas detection method. It employs an optical scanning system to detect the presence of a gas, which is then confirmed by a colour change on the chemically impregnated paper tape.

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BE ATEX & Honeywell

BE ATEX has been a member of the Honeywell partner programme and an approved maintenance centre since its beginnings in 2009: we have been trained by Honeywell and have access to all replacement parts so we can provide a high-quality service.


Our teams are authorised to work on the following product ranges:

  • Honeywell Portable Gas Detection
  • Honeywell Fixed Gas Detection
  • Honeywell Semi (SPM Flex)