BIOLINE Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

BIOLINE Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
Certification BE ATEX


  • Re-calibrate of gas detection equipments
  • Check and verify of all PPE equipements
  • Customised configuration of all devices

The compressed air line breathing apparatus for industrial applications.

The Bioline is an open-circuit self-contained air line breathing apparatus specially designed for industrial applications. It meets the requirements of standard EN 402.

It is very lightweight and attaches at the belt, so it doesn’t get in the user’s way while working. The supply hose is fixed to the belt, so the mask cannot easily be torn off if yanked accidentally.

The system is made up of a:

  • Panoramasque full face mask providing a wide field of vision and optimum resistance in fire and chemical environments
  • Zenith demand valve: an automatically triggered positive pressure demand valve
  • Waistbelt
  • CEJN or Staubli connectors

The breathing air supply arrives through an external air supply network compliant with EN 12021, enabling the user to carry out maintenance tasks and work over long periods, under excellent respiratory comfort and safety conditions.

As the BIOLINE is not self-contained if the compressed air supply fails, it is not recommended for use in zones that are immediately dangerous to the life of the user.


± 1,90 kg
Operating temperature
-30°C à +60°C
EN 139


  • Ultra-light weight.
  • Easy and fast donning
  • Multiple external air supply sources are possible
  • Air supply hose fixed on the belt: the mask cannot be accidentally torn off in case of a strong traction
  • Automatic switching device on the air cylinder of the breathing apparatus and integrated alarm whistle (Bioline Automatic Secours)
  • 10 or 15 minutes duration cylinder in case of escape (Bioline Automatic Secours)

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