Oldham, Teledyne's subsidiary based in Arras in Northern France since its creation in 1948. Initially known as a manufacturer of batteries and accumulators for mines, Oldham refocused its business on gas detection in the 1970s, equipping all mines with a remote firedamp detection system.

Oldham now specialises in control panels and flame detectors.
The company is the world leader for safety solutions in the field of fixed gas detection.

The expertise of Oldham

A great many industries have chosen to improve safety in the workplace by equipping themselves with an Oldham gas control and detection system. A fixed gas detection system can be installed in most industries, but the following are the most common:

  • Nuclear and thermal power plants
  • The metalworking industry
  • The food & beverage industry
  • The oil & gas industries
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Parking facilities and tunnels
  • etc.

Oldham has been known for its dependable, high-quality equipment for many years: it sets the bar for fixed gas detection!

The ranges of Oldham

Fixed gas detection

Fixed gas detectors are essential to contain industrial risks, and are used to protect premises and the environment. They are comprised of:

  • Sensors, which convert the gas concentration into an electrical signal,
  • Transmitters, which process the electrical signal emitted by the sensor.

In the simplest of cases, the purpose of a fixed gas detector is to trigger an evacuation alarm or warning well before the lower explosive limit (LEL) is reached. In more complex cases, an output relay can automatically neutralise the gas facility (for example, by servo-assisted gas solenoid valve) A fixed gas detector is chosen following a risk analysis for a procedure or facility.
This is why there is a whole raft of detectors available: explosive gases, toxic gases, asphyxiant gases, refrigerants or freons, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are all ATEX certified.

Control panels

Gas detection control panels are required when one zone is monitored by several fixed gas detectors, and when remote transmitters are used.

Area monitors

Area monitors are designed to protect response or maintenance teams in zones presenting a gas hazard during short-term maintenance or construction work. They are portable and robust, with a huge choice of sensors for a variety of applications.

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BE ATEX & Oldham

BE ATEX and Oldham have been partners since 2011: our teams have been trained by the manufacturer to take action and maintain and service your equipment in line with the manufacturer’s standards. Our partnership gives us access to all replacement parts for their devices.


Our teams are authorised to work on Oldham area monitors and fixed gas detection systems.