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Why is it so important to have your gas detectors serviced and maintained?

Why is it so important to have your gas detectors serviced and maintained?


Unlike other types of safety equipment (such as fire detection), there is no specific legislation and no clear instructions dictating the frequency of inspections on gas detection equipment. The reference documents simply stipulate that maintenance of gas detectors must be performed on a regular basis by competent, qualified personnel, in line with manufacturer recommendations.

To ensure it is in good working order, fixed and portable gas detection equipment needs to be serviced, maintained and calibrated regularly.


Why define servicing and maintenance periods for gas detectors?

Gas detectors are not Personal Protective Equipment but they provide warning of a hazard in order to protect the health of operators and to protect them from gas-related risks. For that reason, it is of course very important to make sure the equipment is properly serviced and maintained, in the same way as other category 3 PPE.

Gas detection applications vary considerably, and these variations can have an influence of the approach adopted in terms of ongoing assistance, and on the required servicing frequency to guarantee they work properly and optimise the service lifetime.

It is important to define adequate equipment servicing periods, taking into consideration the factors specific to each application. Some sites opt to have their own in-house assistance to carry out routine maintenance and repairs, while others prefer to outsource those tasks.

When choosing a gas detection solution, it is essential to look at the bigger picture and consider the impact of known servicing tasks from the outset. This means that a gas detector needs to be suited to an application in terms of ongoing maintenance.

Why choose BE ATEX to service and maintain your gas detectors?

The most obvious aspects of servicing are maintenance and repair, but with BE ATEX, you have access to ongoing assistance! This covers identification of your needs to selection of the right equipment, and through-life support for your product. Our team of specialists provides support to help you identify the most appropriate solutions. We provide the following services:

  •     Our expertise: we are able to determine where gas detection is required and what types of solutions best suit the needs of the site in question.
  •     System integration: advice on how to integrate the right components into the existing system.
  •     Pre-installation assistance: advice on receiving and integrating your equipment items.
  •     Commissioning: we recommend that you always have your equipment installed and operated by people who are trained in how to use the products.
  •     On-site maintenance: our team of technicians carries out work on site, they can perform scheduled maintenance tasks or repairs on site. Scheduled maintenance is particularly recommended because it reduces risks that can undermine productivity. Regular servicing can ensure maximum service lifetime and avoid potentially expensive stoppages.
  •     Preventive / corrective maintenance: rather than waiting for a problem to occur (which could undermine productivity), scheduled maintenance can ensure maximum service lifetime and drastically reduce the risk that specific problems will occur. Preventive maintenance can reduce equipment-related problems by around 50% in the first 90 days.
  •     Workshop repairs: when equipment needs to be repaired, those repairs must be carried out in the framework of the warranty. In other words, the work must be performed by a service provider approved by the manufacturer. When a component requires attention, it is essential to have it repaired quickly by a service provider, to keep the equipment downtime to a minimum.
  •     On-site calibration: a routine operation that should not have an impact on your day-to-day operations. This keeps equipment downtime to a minimum.
  •     Repair and maintenance of other-brand equipment: BE ATEX is a multi-brand distributor, we can repair your gas detection equipment because we are manufacturer-approved.