Certification BE ATEX


  • Re-calibrate of gas detection equipments
  • Check and verify of all PPE equipements
  • Customised configuration of all devices

The portable modular air line breathing system.

The Modulair is a compact and easy-to-use trolley-mounted air line system. It has been designed to provide a portable breathing air supply for up to four people in hard-to-reach areas.

Fully modular, it gives the user access to equipment that meets their operational requirements in every respect: it can be equipped with wheels, handles with which to carry it, and a stainless steel hose reel drum.

Multiple configurations can also be chosen, ranging from a self-contained portable device (when no other compressed air source is available) and air line systems that are part of an existing internal network of compressed air produced by a compressor.

It is the perfect choice for environments where the oxygen content of ambient air cannot be guaranteed. This is a dependable, self-contained device, which pairs the highest level of respiratory protection with a long service lifetime.


  • Robust, dependable stainless steel trolley
  • Two or four users
  • Two or four cylinders
  • High-performance pneumatic system
  • Standard or anti-static hoses available

MODULAIR - User reviews

Responsable Export

Produit très intéressant.

Review posted on Fri, 02/03/2023 - 13:38, by BEZZINE

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