PARAT 4700, PARAT 5500, PARAT 7500 Escape Hoods

PARAT 4700, PARAT 5500, PARAT 7500 Escape Hoods
Certification BE ATEX


  • Re-calibrate of gas detection equipments
  • Check and verify of all PPE equipements
  • Customised configuration of all devices

The escape hoods for full protection of the respiratory tract and eyes.

PARAT filtering hoods protect the wearer’s respiratory tract and eyes for 15 minutes in the event of an evacuation (DIN 58647-7 approved). Its ergonomic shape suits all face types, and the internal elastic harness means no additional tightening mechanism is required. The anti-fog coating on the visor and the exhalation valve, which evacuates the warm, humid air exhaled, delivers unrivalled comfort for the wearer. The fluorescent yellow hood ensures the wearer can be seen, even through smoke during a fire.

Depending on the model, the hoods can protect the wearer from industrial vapours and gases, combustible gases and particles.

  • PARAT 4700: Industrial escape hood with ABEK P3 filter
  • PARAT 5500: Fire escape hood with CO P2 filter
  • PARAT 7500: Fire and Industrial escape hood with ABEK CO P3 filter

PARAT hoods are available in several different forms of robust packaging which successfully protect the escape device:

  • Single Pack for the PARAT 5510 only
  • Soft Pack for the PARAT 4720, 5520 and 7520
  • Hard Case for the PARAT 4730, 5530 and 7530


PARAT 4700: 245 x 160 x 110 mm (Soft Pack) and 249 x 156 x 115 mm (Hard Pack)
PARAT 5500: 190 x 135 x 90 mm (Single Pack), 215 x 155 x 105 mm (Soft Pack), 241 x 143 x 107 mm (Hard case)
PARAT 7500: 235 x 160 x 115 mm (Soft Pack), 249 x 156 x 115 mm (Hard case)
PARAT 4700: 675 g (Soft Pack) et 740 g (Hard case)
PARAT 5500: 590 g (Single Pack), 660 g (Soft Pack)
PARAT 7500: 770 g (Soft Pack) et 830 g (Hard case)
Protection Class
IP 54 (Hard Case), IP5x (Soft Pack)
PARAT 4700: according to DIN 58647-7
(filter additionally tested in accordance with EN 14387:2004)
PARAT 5500: according to EN 403:2004,
additionally tested for the use against
H2S (at 2,500 ppm) in accordance with DIN 58647-7
PARAT 7500: according to EN 403:2004 and DIN 58647-7
(filter additionally tested in accordance with EN 14387:2004)


  • Quick and easy to use: intuitive, filter deploys automatically, half mask adjusts without having to tighten a harness, one size fits all
  • Wide range of packaging: Soft Pack, robust Hard Case, cardboard Single Pack depending on the model
  • Phosphorescent marking for visibility even in low lighting
  • Built-in attachment ensures the device can be worn on a shoulder strap or belt, or mounted to the wall
  • Easy to check the filter expiration date
  • Available in a Hard Case, Soft Pack and Single Pack (cardboard box, for the PARAT 5500 only)

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