Scott Safety

Scott Safety manufactures personal and respiratory protective equipment including SCBAs, powered respirators,  PPE, gas and flame detection devices, thermal imaging devices, communication devices for firefighters and  responder devices.

Founded in 1932 in Monroe, North Carolina, under the name Uniloy Accessories Corporation, Scott Safety - Respiratory Range - has been a successful part of major groups such as Tyco International in 2001 then 3M in 2007.
3M is known as the world leader on the Personal Protective Equipment market, thanks to its 3M Personal Safety division.

Worth noting: the Gas and Flame Detection part of Scott Safety is part of the Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection group.

The expertise of Scott Safety

Uniloy Accessories Corporation originally made aircraft parts. It went on to change its name to Scott Aviation and specialise in onboard portable oxygen systems for pilots (Air Pak SCBA). The company also moved into the firefighting field with this system. Following its acquisition by Figgie International in 1976, Scott partnered up with NASA and developed the first high-pressure self-contained breathing apparatus.

Scott Safety manufactures fire safety devices, including PPE, air line breathing respirators, compressors and gas detection systems. These are used by military staff, industrial workers and first responders, including firefighters.

The ranges of Scott Safety

Filtering respiratory protection

When we talk about purifying ambient air, we are referring to filtering protection against dust, aerosols, gases and vapours. There are two categories of respirators with filters:

  • Non-powered respirators, which rely on the wearer’s breathing to draw air through the filter. These are available in the form of facepieces, half masks and full masks.
  • Powered respirators, which use a motor to pass air through the filter. These are available in the form of a half mask or full mask and helmet, hood or visor.

A filtering device does not produce oxygen: it must not be used in an oxygen-deprived atmosphere under any circumstances.

Self-contained respiratory protection

These devices render the user independent of the surrounding atmosphere, by providing air or oxygen from an uncontaminated source. They are comprised of a facepiece and an air supply mechanism.

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BE ATEX & Scott Safety

To round out its expertise, BE ATEX began working with Scott Safety:

  • In 2017 for portable gas detection solutions,
  • In 2019 for respiratory solutions.

Our teams are trained by the manufacturer so they can provide you with a high quality of service.

We are authorised to work on 3M - Scott Safety equipment.


The products Scott Safety

Respiratory protection