X-PLORE RD40 Filter Series

X-PLORE RD40 Filter Series
X-PLORE RD40 Filter Series
X-PLORE RD40 Filter Series

The filter that fits all facepieces with a standard thread connection as per en 148-1.

The X-plore Rd40 filter series are suitable for use with half and full face masks with standard thread connection Rd40 according to EN 148-1.

Whether used in chemical industry or automobile industry, shipbuilding, metal processing industry or by public utility services, they clean breathable air from contaminants in a low-cost and effective manner.They offers various filter types for major applications and protects against many hazardous substances – from phosphine to tear gas to particulates.


Operating temperature
+14 to 131°F / - 10 à + 55 °C
1 year
EN 14 387
EN 143:2000/A1:2006,
TP TC 019/2011
AS/NZS 1716:2012


  • A wide range of filters: different types of filter for all major applications.
  • Individual resealable packaging to ensure optimum protection of the unused filter.
  • Aluminium housing ensures that any damage to the filter is easily detected, for enhanced safety.
  • CE marking: all the filters are CE-marked in accordance with EN 14387 and/or EN 143:2000.
  • Long service lifetime: the combined filters and gas filters have a service lifetime of 6 years and the particle filters a service lifetime of 12 years from their date of manufacture.

X-PLORE RD40 Filter Series - User reviews

Possible de acheter les filtres

Bonjour J'ai acheté un masque je voudrais acheter des filtres pour ce Masque filtrant X-PLORE 6000

Review posted on Sat, 06/06/2020 - 23:45, by Spie


Bonjour, merci pour votre demande. Pourriez-vous nous indiquer par mail (commercial@be-atex.com) vos coordonnées afin que nous puissions vous recontacter ou bien via la fiche contact en haut de la page web ? En vous remerciant.


Review posted on Thu, 06/18/2020 - 11:30, by BE ATEX

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