Honeywell Industrial Safety

Honeywell Industrial Safety has 50 years of experience and knowledge in the fields of regulatory conformity, risk identification, safety management, selecting and using PPE.

The company has become the global benchmark supplier of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), respiratory protection and fall protection equipment - formerly MILLER.

The expertise of Honeywell Industrial Safety

Honeywell Industrial Safety is a deeply committed organisation. It helps safety managers establish an enduring safety culture. This involves embedding an accident-prevention philosophy into the workplace so staff themselves choose to prioritise safety. Safety is no longer a concept defined and imposed by management: it is a question of the rights and responsibilities of each employee. When employees adopt safety standards and improve their behaviour, they can manage their own safety more effectively and consistently.
This culture revolves around the safety manager and the employees and has four main pillars:


Good behaviour must be encouraged in each individual; communication must be effective; positive feedback must be forthcoming; objectives must be set.


To prevent risks, proper attention must be given to the appropriate behaviour to adopt when using the equipment.


Easy-to-use, high-end, comfortable equipment.


Data must be collected and analysed to track equipment performance and how it is being used.

Honeywell Industrial Safety is committed to working with safety managers to help them develop an enduring safety culture.

A full range of Class 3 Personal Protective Equipment

Respiratory protection:

Respiratory protection, or more specifically the protection of the respiratory tract, is required when a person is likely to inhale dust, vapours, gases or aerosols, or if he or she works in an oxygen-deficient environment.
There are numerous ranges suited to each requirement, spanning from single-use respirators, half masks for short-term use and reusable filtering respirators to powered filtering respiratory devices, self-contained breathing apparatus and air line breathing systems.

The choice of protective mask will depend on the type of work performed, the duration of exposure and the characteristics of the various substances in play.

Fall protection equipment:

A fall protection system links an individual to an anchor point to eliminate the risk of a fall or guarantee a safe arrest in the event of a fall. The fall protection range includes solutions for personal fall protection equipment (adapted to each user), solutions to access elevated worksites, and rescue solutions.

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BE ATEX & Honeywell Industrial Safety

As a specialist provider of solutions for gas risk management, BE ATEX has developed skills that go beyond gas detection.


To offer you the range of products you need to stay safe during work that requires gas detection, BE ATEX has partnered up with Honeywell Industrial Safety.