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The importance of maintenance for your protective equipment

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Personal protective equipment, especially class 3 PPE, must be checked and inspected regularly. They protect us from so-called lethal risks, which is why their proper functioning is an obligation. Even though gas detectors are not PPE, but personal equipment, they must also be checked periodically, through calibration and gas tests.


Maintenance of gas detectors

A gas detector is a system that alerts its user to the presence of a particular gas whose threshold has been crossed. The detector will then display the detected value and emit an alarm, in order to warn the user of the level of danger.

At BE ATEX, the alarm thresholds are set in the workshop before being sent to the user.

A device that is no longer working properly would no longer allow correct detection of gases, and could therefore put the user in serious danger. To ensure that the detector you are using is working properly, it should be checked regularly.

The maintenance of the device will consist of a verification of the values detected and the alarm thresholds. This is also known as calibration, as it is carried out with a standard gas (a pressurized gas cylinder with a defined and calibrated gas concentration).

The gas detector must be checked at least once a year. For multi-gas and single-gas portable gas detectors, most manufacturers recommend a semi-annual calibration. The frequency of maintenance is determined by the type of gas detected and the activity in question. This is usually defined by the HSE Manager of the client company.

Maintenance of class III PPE

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Class III PPE, which protects against fatal risks and irreversible injuries, is mainly represented at BE ATEX by respiratory and fall protection equipment. For these, Periodic General Checks (VGP) must be carried out by technicians authorized by the manufacturers. Users must also visually check the equipment before and after use, and report any anomalies.

The checks must cover the general condition, operation, resistance, compatibility of the equipment with each other, safety and comfort elements and compliance with the prescription dates.

> Why is this periodic inspection important?

First of all, it is important to know that the fact of regularly checking the condition of your equipment will optimize its life span.

In addition, as mentioned above, class III PPE are those that protect against fatal and irreversible risks, which is why their verification and maintenance is essential in order to limit the risk to a minimum.

Instructions in the company

  • Designate a person to monitor PPE and its maintenance.
  • Provide storage areas for cleaning and maintenance products.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Provide information on maintenance requirements during PPE training.

Why choose BE ATEX for the maintenance of your class III gas detectors and PPE?

Our teams will accompany you from A to Z to offer you the most appropriate solutions to your problems.

Choosing BE ATEX means choosing :

  • The expertise of our teams: Our teams will bring you their expertise in the maintenance of your equipment. Our technicians can intervene in all circumstances since they are CATEC certified, have electrical (H0V // B2 BR BC), level 1 radiation protection, ISM ATEX, CACES, and N1 and N2 chemical certification. They are therefore able to work on platforms, in nuclear power plants, in ATEX zones, etc.
  • Maintenance of several brands of equipment: BE ATEX works with several manufacturers, so our technicians are authorized by them to work on different equipment.
  • Versatility: Our technicians work on your gas detectors, fall protection and breathing apparatus.

Our services



  • Maintenance and calibration: Our technicians are trained and authorized to intervene directly on site. They will then go on site for planned maintenance interventions or to perform troubleshooting. Preventive maintenance is also carried out, because it is not necessary to wait for a problem to occur to plan a maintenance of your devices. Calibration: This basic and quick operation will not impact your activity but will allow you to check the good functioning of your detectors.
  • Repairs: If a device needs to be repaired or checked, it must be done by a technician authorized by the manufacturer. At BE ATEX, your devices will be checked with care and efficiency, in order to reduce their immobilization to a minimum.
  • Rental: BE ATEX offers a rental program for portable gas detectors and site beacons. This program is the ideal solution for all those who need to equip themselves simply and quickly. It is the assurance of having equipment adapted to your needs. No maintenance or upkeep is required, because when you no longer need the equipment, you simply send it back to us at the end of the rental period.

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