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How to use BE ATEX Service?

How to use BE ATEX Service?

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You are equipped with a gas detection device, fixed or portable, or a Class 3 Personal Protective Equipment, from Dräger, Honeywell, Oldham, or another of our partners. Want to service this equipment but don't know where to turn? As a specialist in solutions against gas risks, BE ATEX Service is the solution! Thanks to this online form, your requests are directly sent to our teams and processed as soon as possible. Thus, our technicians will be able to answer you and establish an offer adapted to your needs.


1. Why they chose BE ATEX Service :

BE ATEX Service is an online portal that aims to make things easier for you! Thanks to our online form, let us guide you, send us your request and we will take care of the rest! Moreover, BE ATEX Service is :

Expertise: our technicians are trained and authorized by the manufacturers to work on your equipment.

Versatility: our team of technicians is trained to work on your equipment, whether it is a fixed or portable gas detector, respiratory protection or fall protection.

BE ATEX Service users share their experience with you:


"It's very easy to use and quick to complete! You can even put in comments specific to your needs."



"No worries on the use and quick feedback from BE ATEX Service. BE ATEX was able to provide the information and meet the needs expressed."

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2. How to use the BE ATEX Service portal?

2. How to use the BE ATEX Service portal?

When you arrive on the BE ATEX Service platform, three services are proposed: maintenance control, equipment rental, repair service. Once you have identified your need, you can click on it. Then, you will access a form to fill in. Nothing could be simpler: our forms are mainly in the form of check boxes or drop down lists. Once you have filled in all the data concerning your equipment and your need for intervention, we ask you for your contact information so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Simple and fast: Filling in the form will take you between 2 and 5 minutes, and above all will save you time. Indeed, unlike a call or several email exchanges, filling out this form ensures accuracy and efficiency in your request.

Practical: Let's assume that you are the requestor but not the user of the device. Filling out this form will allow you to be precise and efficient in your request, even if you are not the user.

2.1. The services offered by BE ATEX Service

Our team of technicians is trained to intervene on all your equipment:

  • Fixed or portable gas detection
  • Fall protection: lanyard, harness, reel, etc.
  • Respiratory protection: mask, SCBA, etc.

Three services are then proposed by BE ATEX Service :

  • Maintenance control
  • Repair / breakdown service
  • Gas detector rental

2.1.a. Maintenance check for your gas detection and Class III PPE

Mandatory for respiratory protection and fall protection equipment, the inspection must be done annually or semi-annually, according to the manufacturer's recommendations. As for fixed or portable gas detection devices, they are not considered as Class III PPE, but as safety equipment, which is why their regular inspection is not mandatory, but strongly recommended by the manufacturers. For a better understanding, read this article The interest of periodic checks of protective equipment

In order to establish the control of the equipment, it is necessary to call upon specialized companies, control organizations or qualified technicians, like those of BE ATEX. Our maintenance technicians are trained in the risks present during inspections and are authorized by the manufacturers to work on the equipment.

intervention technician be atex

2.1.b. Troubleshooting of your Class III PPE

In the event of a problem (breakdown, breakage, malfunction, etc.) with an item of equipment, our technicians can resolve the situation! By filling in the BE ATEX Service form, we will provide you with an answer in order to plan an intervention on site or in our workshop.

2.1.c. Gas detector rental

It is possible that for a specific project, a temporary breakdown or to replace your device that has been repaired, you need to rent a gas detector. For this, BE ATEX offers you a gas detector rental service! To do this, you can make your request on our BE ATEX Service platform, our teams will then come back to you to set up the rental of this equipment.

In addition to its practicality, this rental allows you to have an adapted equipment, without maintenance and maintenance! When your rental period is over, all you have to do is return the detectors to our workshops. Moreover, renting your equipment guarantees you a reliable and calibrated equipment according to your specifications of use.

2.2. It's your turn to play!

Go to and make your intervention requests!

If you still need help, find below a video tutorial.

be atex service tutoriel