Ocenco Incorporated

Ocenco Incorporated, founded in 1970, is the global leader in self-contained breathing apparatus and explosion-proof lighting systems for the military, maritime, mining, healthcare and industrial sectors. Ocenco channels its engineering expertise into developing high-quality, reliable safety equipment for hostile and dangerous environments.

The emergency escape breathing devices manufactured by Ocenco protect users in harsh environments where breathing is difficult, while they escape to safety. Ocenco is committed to providing the safest and most reliable respiratory protection and lighting tailored to users' working environment.

The ranges of OCENCO

Ocenco escape devices have a service time of between fifteen minutes and two hours:

  • The M-20 EEBD series is very popular and is the smallest self-contained escape device in the world.
  • The models in the M-40 EEBD series are also very popular and provide an escape time of 45 minutes.
  • The EBA SCSR is stored in the workplace and provides between 90 minutes and 2 hours of escape time.
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BE ATEX & Ocenco Incorporated

Ocenco is the world’s leading manufacturer of emergency evacuation breathing devices and respiratory protection apparatus. This is why BE ATEX has included the M20 in its ranges: to offer you the smallest self-contained escape device in the world.


The products Ocenco Incorporated

Respiratory protection