GMI is a major international player specialised in high-quality innovative products. Thanks to its huge investments in research and development, GMI offers a broad range of products for gas detection, tailored to a wide variety of industrial applications.

A dynamic, attractive company, it has been a successful part of major groups such as Tyco, 3M and now Teledyne.
Teledyne is one of the main suppliers of sophisticated instruments, products and software in the fields of digital imaging, electronics for aerospace and defence, and technical systems.

The expertise of GMI

Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI) sets the standard for equipment designed to detect leaks and for use when maintaining gas networks. The semi-conductor and thermal conductivity technologies used enable one single device to detect flammable gases from ppm to 100% volume. GMI’s field of application covers:

  • The oil & gas industry
  • Gas distribution networks
  • Water and sewage networks
  • Firefighting
  • Maritime transport
  • Construction
  • Telecommunications

The ranges of GMI

Thermal conductivity detection

This consists in measuring changes in the thermal conductivity of the atmosphere caused by the presence of flammable gases. This gas detection technique is suitable for measuring high concentrations (%v/v). The main advantages this technology has over catalytic technology are, first, its immunity to catalytic poisons, and, second, its ability to function in oxygen-deprived environments.

Portable gas detection

GMI has a wide range of detectors for diverse applications.

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Innovation is an important part of GMI’s vigorous expansion. Commitment to research and development, new gas detection solutions, cutting-edge sensors and high-tech instruments make GMI an invaluable partner for BE ATEX.


BE ATEX is a GMI partner and has held the authorisations necessary to maintain all the products in the range since 2017.