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BE ATEX news : February 2023

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This month at BE ATEX:

  • Once again Growth Champions
  • 1 year with K-net Partage
  • New product : PARAT 1200

Once again Growth Champions

For the third year in a row, BE ATEX is one of the growth champions! Note: we have moved up 14 places compared to last year 🏆

What is Growth Champions?

This is a multi-sector survey conducted in collaboration with the Statista Institute and published by Les Echos. The objective of this ranking is to honor companies with exceptional performance in terms of growth. The ranking brings together the 500 French and independent companies with the highest growth rate in revenue over the 2018-2021 period. The full ranking is available here :

Thanks to all our customers and partners for this success! And bravo BE ATEX 👏🏼

champions of growth

1 year with K-net Partage

1 year with K-net Partage


One year ago, at the initiative of Stéphanie FOURNET, we saw a collector of empty cans appear in our break room! Stéphanie FOURNET then took the responsibility to collect and bring regularly the empty cans to the association K-net Partage. This collector (photo opposite) takes up very little space, and all the employees took part in this great initiative by throwing their cans there!

K-net Partage is a charitable association with a Humanitarian, Social and Environmental goal, which aims to help vulnerable children in France and abroad. Thanks to Stéphanie FOURNET and all BE ATEX employees who participated in this movement, several associations helping vulnerable children were able to receive a donation.

By the end of 2022, K-net Partage will have collected 50 million cans throughout France.

Visit the K-net Partage website:

New product : PARAT 1200

New product : PARAT 1200

Because your needs evolve, our product lines do too!

This month, a little newcomer appears on our website:

  • The PARAT 1200 : Designed for ease of use, the Dräger PARAT® 1200 is an ultra-small exhaust filter device with mouthpiece, nose clip and ABEK filter. It offers you 10 minutes protection against various toxic industrial gases and vapors. This very compact device is approved according to DIN 58647-7, the only recognized standard for industrial exhaust filter devices.

Click here to access the PARAT 1200 file