Ramfan is a California-based company that has been offering specialist equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres such as flammable gases, vapours and dust for over 20 years.

Ramfan fans and smoke ejectors are designed for firefighters as well as for people working in confined spaces.

The expertise of Ramfan

The Ramfan headquarters are located in California but it is a global organisation, with plants in Luxembourg, China and the United Arab Emirates. To begin with, Ramfan sold pumps and turbines to the US Navy. It then branched out and specialised in manufacturing fans and smoke ejectors that could withstand hazardous atmospheres.

The ranges of Ramfan

Ramfan makes fans and smoke ejectors for firefighters using the latest ventilation techniques, to safely control the flow path and eject smoke from buildings. They can be used to tackle explosive atmospheres containing flammable gases, vapours and dust, which can destroy lives in mere seconds.

These fans and smoke ejectors are also suitable for use in confined spaces, to refresh the air in hard-to-access areas.

For enhanced safety, we also supply a third, ATEX-certified range for hazardous zones.

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BE ATEX & Ramfan

The regulations make it clear that a collective solution must be found before putting PPE in place.


As a specialist provider of solutions for gas risk management, BE ATEX offers you the Ramfan range to vent flammable gases, vapours and dust.