ADF Systemes

ADF SYSTEMES offers a selection of products from the biggest brands: sounders, beacons, strobes, signal towers and illuminated signs, along with public address and voice alarm systems for safety purposes.

Founded in 1995, ADF SYSTÈMES is France's leading distributor of audible and visual warning systems for industry and ATEX environments.

The expertise of ADF Systèmes

ADF SYSTEMES offers a range of products and solutions to make your facilities safer places to be. Their expertise resides in ongoing research into solutions that are suitable for the harshest environments in terms of both technology and cost.

A specialist in audible and visual warning systems for industry and ATEX environments, ADF SYSTEMES proposes well-known brands with ISO 9001 certification.

The ranges of ADF Systèmes

The ranges we have to offer are the flagship products on which ADF Systèmes has built its success:

  • The DB3 ATEX sounder and XB15
  • Beacon NEXUS & SONOS ingress-protected sounders, beacons and combined sounder beacons
  • Ingress-protected AL1 and ATEX AL2 illuminated signs

There is a huge range of products available, however: BE ATEX’s expertise lies in being able to offer you the solutions that best cater to your industrial facilities.

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BE ATEX & ADF Systemes

You need to do more than just install gas detectors to secure your premises and ensure worker safety. You need to be able to flag up any failure faultlessly and effectively.

This is why BE ATEX has chosen to work with ADF Systèmes: to present you with a comprehensive solution for gas risk management.