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BE ATEX news : October 2022

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  • The annual inventory
  • Welcome Giovanni!
  • New sales organization
  • Fall arrest training at Honeywell

The annual inventory


> The inventory consists of drawing up an exhaustive list of the elements appearing in the balance sheet, i.e. what the company owns, and to evaluate it at its current value. When we talk about inventory, we often mean inventory of stocks and fixed assets.

This month, and as every year, our teams gave of their person to make the inventory!

After a whole day of counting, needless to say they are more than happy that it's over 😉 The proof with a picture of our Logistics Coordinator Cédric AUGAGNEUR all smiles!

After the annual inventory, it's off to a new year!

Welcome Giovanni!

Welcome Giovanni!

Welcome ! Welcome ! Bienvenido ! Willkommen !

This month, our sales team welcomes a new collaborator for the region Île-de-France - Centre.

He is a former soldier and fireman, specialist in respiratory protection and gas detection. He is a former technician and has worked for Dräger, then as a technical referent and trainer for Gaz Detect.

BE ATEX welcomes Giovanni HARRAT 👋🏼

New commercial organization

The arrival of our latest employee has allowed some of our original sales team members to take on new roles within the sales team:

  • Giovanni HARRAT replaces Valentin EDMOND-MARIETTE as Sales Manager Île-de-France - Centre.
  • Valentin EDMOND-MARIETTE replaces Thomas GABORIT as Key Account Development Manager.
  • Thomas GABORIT replaces Loïc GÉRARD as Northern Sales Manager.
  • Loïc GÉRARD becomes Sales Manager France and DROM-COM. He will be responsible for managing the Regional Sales Managers.

That's BE ATEX, a team of specialists who don't get bogged down in routine! Whether it is the products or our own positions, we challenge ourselves daily to remain this young (that's debatable 😂) and dynamic company.

To see the map of the sectors, click here !


Fall arrest training at Honeywell

We tested for you! 

Our sales team had the opportunity to do a fall protection training at our partner Honeywell, in Vierzon! Safety week obliges, the sales team was made aware once again of the importance of fall protection. Thanks to Honeywell equipment and their different fall arrest systems, our teams were able to take height and throw themselves into the void, in complete safety ;)

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