Founded in 2016, Ellona dévelops new solutions to enable pollutants' identification and quantification online. Today, Ellona develops intelligent technologies for organizations and individuals that MONITOR environmental factors, IDENTIFY sources of health ans safety risks ans REMEDIATE throught programmable actions. 

Their goal is to make the world a SAFER and HEALTHIER place by providing real-time monitoring solutions as weel as environmental ans well-being analytics. Today Ellona provides a full range of unique products worldwide for companies looking for a better health and environmental impact.

The expertise of Ellona

Ellona technology has a human-based approch:

  • Data acquisition:  Digital sensors collects data instead of body sensors receptors. Theses are essential to the understanding of the situation (MOX, EC, optical, physical...).
  • Data processing:  the RubixSoft softwre analyze all theses data (drift compensation, modulation, ....), fingerprinting and matching (PCA, PLS, SQC...)
  • Comparisons and recognition: data mining (algorithms, AI...), correlation with reported perceptions

The main field of action is indoors and outdoors environmental impact with a more pronounced interest for these topics:

  • Health risks detection
  • Odours and their sources identification
  • Industrial applications such as preventive maintenance, fire detection,...

The ranges of Ellona

Indoor air quality

The rubix POD2 is for the indoor air quality monitoring. It collects analytical data such as: humidity, temperature, light, noise, air quality and odour, particulate matter, pressure and vibration.
Application areas: Offices, Shopping malls, Industrial Buildings, Public Buildings/Structures

Outdoor air quality

Watch Tower 1 (ou WT1) is for the outdoor air quality monitoring. It collects analytical data such as: odour, air quality, gas, particles, noise (peripheral monitoring).
Application areas: Smart cities, Port authorities, Wastewater treatment, Industrial parks


Ellona technology insure the collect of real-time analytical data about all kind of nuisances and people's perceptions of well-being. Once the data is collected, it is analysed and compared with Ellona databases, and made available via easy-to-use software and all the necessary support.

Icone globe

BE ATEX & Ellona

Air quality and its issues have been important subjects since the origins of BE ATEX. It is very logical that our two Toulouse-based companies became partners in 2020.


BE ATEX & Ellona are commited together in order to defend this environmental point of view. Today, this one seems only for our comfort but at the time this subject will be full part of our daily safety.


We are experiencing a transformation of our way of life. Let us together set the right marks for the future!


The products Ellona