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Les nouveaux locaux de BE ATEX en cours de construction
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BE ATEX, the specialist provider of solutions for gas risk management, has suffered a slight downturn in business due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Despite that, the company continues to grow, pursuing its digital transformation with support from the Occitanie regional council, and announcing its relocation. Its new premises as of September 2020 are located in the ZAC Masquère d’Escalquens business park.


Based near Toulouse, BE ATEX employs 21 people and has annual sales in the region of €6M. Founded in 2008 by Grégory Tasca in Montauban, BE ATEX is a firm that offers solutions for gas risk management to manufacturers in France and abroad. Gas detection is a competitive sector, dominated by manufacturers such as Honeywell, Dräger and MSA, to name a few.

And yet, BE ATEX has carved out a solid reputation thanks to its responsiveness and know-how. The company has enjoyed two-figure growth for the past five years. In order to pursue those levels of growth, it was urgent to reconsider the company’s business model and create value for customers, partners and staff.

Building new premises

7 years ago, BE ATEX was based in Ramonville-Saint-Agne and employed 3 people. It now has 21 employees. As business grew, its premises became too small and were no longer suitable for their purpose. For those reasons, after contacting the SICOVAL (the authority in charge of managing the greater Toulouse area), BE ATEX decided to relocate to the ZAC Masquère in Escalquens, an urban development site covering some 2,780 square metres. The new building, on which construction work has recently resumed, offers a total surface area of 770 square metres.

It should be completed by mid-2020, opening up a host of opportunities:

  • Growth in trading thanks to increased storage capacities
  • Laboratories specially geared to each of the activities performed by the maintenance centre (gas, respiratory equipment, fall protection)
  • A showroom showcasing the company’s products and services in the field of gas detection
  • Coming soon: a design office

Digital transformation

BE ATEX drew on the services of local stakeholders to provide support for its digital transformation. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse Haute-Garonne helped it put together the application for a “Pass Transition numérique” issued by the Occitanie regional council. The aim of this pass is to support the digital development of very small, small and medium-sized businesses in the region. In addition, the Composer Group, a communication agency based in Toulouse, was elicited to provide consulting and creative and technical services for digital and print projects.

An upgraded version of the website went live in late 2019, offering quicker, easier access to information. A new graphical style, easier browsing and more user-friendly approach have significantly enhanced the website and its usefulness. It is aimed at users and provides product data sheets and user guides, offering visitors the chance to leave comments and give their opinion. It also features an information guide about different types of gases, and reminders of areas to watch to keep up to date with the regulations in force...

The future

The company plans to recruit 13 more people in 2021 to back up its growth. An English version of the website will be available to reinforce our worldwide presence. A special portal dedicated to traceability will be set up to provide customers with a clearer overview of their fleet of equipment designed to guarantee the safety of their staff.



A distributor of gas detectors, category 3 Personal Protective Equipment (respiratory protection, fall protection) and a manufacturer-approved maintenance centre.

The company specialises in solutions for gas risk management, and its goal is to guarantee the safety of industrial sites and their staff by offering the best technical solution.