G.R.E.G online tracking software

GREG – Management and reporting of gas equipment – is our computer-assisted maintenance management software programme.


We offer you the chance to manage your gas-related Personal Protective Equipment such as gas detectors, respiratory protection devices and fall protection equipment via our online tracking portal: GREG.


Latest news: to offer you the best possible user experience, we are in the process of upgrading GREG.
With the latest upgrade, it will soon be possible to manage your respiratory and fall protection equipment – we will send you a message very soon to keep you posted on the progress of our site under construction!


G.R.E.G online tracking software
Accueil de l’espace G.R.E.G

GREG lets you:

  •     View the condition of your fleet in a single click
  •     Download equipment records and certificates for all your equipment items
  •     Keep track of the dates of scheduled work

To log in:
Request a user profile via the contact form below so that we can send you a username and password to log in to your secure area.

This area gives you access to:

  •     An overview of the condition of your equipment fleet, arranged according to model (number of equipment items in proper working order or not).
  •     Inspection certificates in pdf format
  •     Maintenance slips
  •     Dates of future scheduled work


Equipment record

When you click on the serial number, you get access to the corresponding equipment record: a visual indicator gives you a quick overview of the condition of the equipment.

Colour code:  
Red: decommissioned equipment
Orange: equipment has not been inspected
Green: equipment in conformity

You will get access to detailed information about the equipment:

(1) Identification of the detector

(2) Information about the sensors

(3) Maintenance records (with calibration certificate available for downloading)

(4) Work request: Option of sending us a message by clicking the “Work request” tab


Interested in our software?

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