Sample module

Sample module

The sample module for detection of gas in harsh environments.

It isn’t always possible to install a gas detector in the atmosphere you need to test because of the conditions of certain applications: in this case the detector must be installed in a suitable sample module.

A sample and processing module has several roles. The module is designed to suit the application’s parameters, so usable readings can be taken. This may involve:

  • Moving the sensors away from an atmosphere containing very high gas concentrations, to extend their lifetime
  • Processing the sample away from dust, high temperatures or temperature fluctuations
  • Protecting the cells from humidity, pressure and flames.


2 years for the box (sensors and control units depends on model)


for CH4, H₂S, CO continuous measurement in enclosures, covers, sewers…

  • Integrated gas sensors
  • Manual purge system
  • 4-20 mA Analogue output
  • Continuous flow monitoring with alarm in case of clogging

for biogas continuous measurement

  • Sample processing with cooler, primary filter, condensate trap and particle filter
  • IR sensor (methane)
  • Paramagnetic sensor (oxygen)
  • Electrochemical sensor (H₂S)
  • Fibreglass-filled polyester enclosure with antistatic filler, gas contacting parts are made of stainless steel 316L and PTFE

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